Jason Dunn & Yosi Menashe

Who is HaHa

HaHa is a creative team who are passionate about good design. Their unique skill set enables them to work closely with you throughout the design and construction process of your project to ensure that your new garden comes to life in the most efficient and practical way.

Our design process requires good communication so we ask a lot of questions. This helps us understand you and your lifestyle, so your input is very important. We can then translate
that information in a creative way.

Jason and Yosi have more than four decades of combined experience in design, landscaping and horticulture. It is rare for a design team to have hands-on construction experience
to back up their design expertise.

“We get a lot of pleasure out of working alongside our clients to design the right garden to suit both their tastes and their needs. No one solution works for everybody when it comes to landscape design, and as such we strive to create something specific to your requirements.”


noun: haha

HaHa Definition

Deriving its name from the success of the illusion it created, the
ha-ha is a sunken fence commonly used in European garden design in the 18th century. It allowed for a continuous view across large areas of lawn and garden while providing boundaries for livestock.

Our Services

HaHa can provide all you need for the creation of your new garden.

From a simple consultation to discuss options for your consideration, a complete design and re-imagining of your property, to the management and construction of your project… from creation to realisation.

Landscape Design



Project Management

What is a garden to you?

We don’t like to impose a style of garden on a home. The garden should be designed to suit you and your lifestyle and be sympathetic to the architecture of the home and its surrounds.

Ask yourself the following question…
What do I want from my new garden?

For example, you may want a secluded space for quiet contemplation, a place to escape and fill the senses, a productive permaculture garden for growing fruit and vegetables, a garden to connect with your children and make lasting memories, or you may want an active open space for kids, pets, backyard cricket and regular entertaining of friends and family.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

We like to do things face to face, so we prefer to meet with you on site. This allows us to get a good understanding of the space to be considered, discuss your requirements in depth, and take some preliminary notes and observations.

Design Brief

We provide you with a written brief based on the information gathered at our initial meeting. The brief endeavours to identify your requirements and ensure we all have a clear understanding before moving forward to our favourite part… the design process.


On approval of the brief, we proceed with the design process. This includes a comprehensive site analysis with two stages of design review before producing the final detailed, scaled plans.


Once the design stage has been completed, HaHa will provide a quote for the construction of your project that will include plants, hardscaping, irrigation, and lighting. Our qualifications and industry experience will ensure the best outcome for you and your new garden.

Team HaHa

The seed for HaHa was planted in early 2010 when Jason and Yosi met while studying Landscape Design. After completing their studies, they stayed in touch and as time passed, the concept of the business grew, and the direction they wanted to pursue became clear.

Together, Yosi and Jason have a unique combination of skills, career experience and creative interests outside of landscape design that help inform and influence their ideas.

‘We love creating gardens and working with others to achieve
the best outcome for our clients.’

Jason loves his dog Jack, good coffee,
and his guitars.

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After a lengthy career as a Graphic Designer,
it was time for change. Jason found himself studying Horticulture and then Landscape Design while running his own garden maintenance business.

Inspiration for him comes in many forms, and he enjoys anything creative including photography, architecture, design, music and nature. Jason’s drive for excellence and aesthetic will produce a work of art from the simplest of office documents to a final landscape plan.

‘There is great satisfaction in creating a garden which has a balance of colour and texture through the seasons.’

Yosi has an accent. Some say he sounds French,
others say he sounds Belgian…

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… he also has over 30 years of exposure to and experience in the landscaping industry. This started as school holiday work for his Dad’s garden maintenance business and through working and owning a landscape construction company in his early days in Israel.

In Australia, Yosi has worked both alongside and for the best landscape constructors and talented landscape designers. He is passionate about bringing functionality and aesthetic into the landscape. Yosi’s construction experience gives him an eye for detail and the ability to foresee issues with design elements before the project proceeds to the installation phase.

‘I love the feeling that I get when standing in a
well-designed space. I strive for this feeling in every garden we create.’

Get in Touch

You can send us a message, give Jason or Yosi a call for a chat, or even send us a fax… just kidding!
Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

Jason 0413 370 229 / Yosi 0478 110 215